High School Diploma, Science emphasis, with 60/60, 1981

Degree in Medicine and Surgery with 105/110, University of Genoa, 1987

Specialisation in Anaesthesia and Resucitation at the University of Parma

IPMA D-level Project Manager Certification, certificate No. 103, Milan, 27 09 2005

Certification as Project Manager on Professional and Business Risk Management, Milan, 2007

Post-degree courses requiring attendance and final exam

Course in Emergency Medicine, University of Genoa

Course in Primary Care, Medical Association of Savona

Course in Epidural Anesthesia during Major Surgery, Pitiè Salpetrierre Hospital, Paris, 1992

Course in post-operatory analgesia, Bicietre Hospital, Paris, 1993

Course in analgesia during delivery at the Pitiè Salpetrierre Hospital, Prof. Seebacher 1993 to learn analgesic techniques 1994 [as per] directions in the department's organisation. (????)

AISD & WISP courses in post-intervention pain therapy, Atlanta-Capri, 1998

Course in post-operatory analgesia, Lucca, 1999

Course in upper and lower limb anesthesia and analgesia, Dr. Busoni, Dr. Urmey, Florence, 2000

Course in continuous peripheral anesthesia, Dr. Casati, Dr. Fanelli, Milan, 2001

Course in Hospital APS (Acute Pain Service), Dr. Rawal, Uppsalla, 2002

Work Experience

University of Genoa. Speciality in Anesthesia and Resucitation: 860 hours active duty in emergency medical services (resucitation, surgical emergencies, organ transplants)

University of Parma. 260 hours active duty (emergency helicopter service)

USL 5. 1,320 hours duty in territorial emergency medical services

Santa Corona Hospital, Pietra Ligure:

Hired as Assistant on 05-02-1990

Assistant at Band B since 1996

Medical Director in charge of the regular pain therapy module from 1998 to 2001. To fulfill this role, aimed at developing interventional pain therapy with the use of all available devices to this end.

During these years acquired a breadth of experience in all surgical specialties available at the hospital (general, vascular, plastic, urologic, and gynaecologic surgery, neurosurgery, all orthopaedic specialties and trauma surgery), including serious emergencies, with about 10,000 anaesthesia procedures personally applied.

Pitiè Salpetrierre Hospital in Paris: one-month temporary attachment in 1993 and 1994 at the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Depertment of Prof. Seebacheer

Humanitas Clinical Institute in Rozzano:

Since 01-01-2002, Head of Anaesthesia of the Direct Prosthetic Surgery Unit under the late Prof. Lorenzo Spotorno until 2008, and to date under Prof. Guido Grappiolo.

Said unit went from 600 procedures during its first year to 1,300 at the end of 2008. This unit has driven the organisation of a blood circuit that has reduced homologous blood requests by 75%, generating a 27% drop in overall patient management costs. Thus, a surgical protocol has been established for bloodless procedures with the use of a surgical and anaesthesia roadmap allowing discharge within two days.

This organisation has carried out the first large-scale experimentations in Italy regarding:

The use of new molecules to prevent the risk of thromboembolism.

Two new techniques for peri-operatory sedation.

A new approach to post-operatory pain therapy.

A new technique of intra-operatory hemostasis.

A new technique for post-operatory recovery in procedures using autologous blood.

Cost-effective medicine in orthopaedia.

Updates and Congresses

The undersigned is up to date with regards to ECM points. Since 2003, has participated and actively participates in the most important national and European congresses either as speaker or attendee.


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