Spouses Ofelia BIASIA and Pietro Giacomo SCIUTTO formed in 2007, in memory of his son Livio SCIUTTO failed prematurely, the Livio Sciutto Foundation Orthopedic Biomedical Research - non-profit organization to promote scientific research in medicine and surgery, especially in the orthopedic field.

The Foundation pays particular attention to research activities that promote the clinical application of the results obtained.

The Livio Sciutto Foundation Orthopedic Biomedical Research NPO was born in October 2007, which set up a notary Riccardo RIDELLA of Genoa, with a small budget, but with the will to carry out major projects to combat disease (evil) and improve the quality of people's lives.

The Livio Sciutto Foundation has received a gift of the active sheet and the historical-scientific foundation of the "Science and Life", founded by prof. Lorenzo SPOTORNO in 1994, which went out of business on 1 January 2008.

The Foundation pursues exclusively charitable purposes by promoting the development of human knowledge in the field of medical science, in particular in the field of orthopedics, support the prevention and treatment of all diseases of the human being, becoming active in scientific research and in the application clinical results.

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GAP II è un sistema per l’archiviazione di dati clinici e chirurgici di pazienti sottoposti ad interventi di chirurgia protesica di anca, ginocchio e spalla.