1983 - 1989 - University of Genoa: School of Medicine and Surgery: Title of the thesis: "Malattie linfoproliferative,monoclonali e policlonali, secondarie ad infezione da virus di Epstein-Barr" (Monoclonal and polyclonal lymphoproliferative diseases secondary to infections caused by the Epstein-Barr virus). Supervisor Prof. Leonardo Santi.

Final grade 110/110 cum laudae

1989 - University of Genoa Professional accreditation as Medical Doctor - Surgeon with 100/100 votes.

1989 -  1993: University of Genoa: School of Medicine and Surgery - Specialisation School in Infectious Diseases - Specialty thesis: "Infezioni da Micobatteri in pazienti HIV positivi: Mycobacterium infections in HIV-positive patients: case histories". Supervisor Prof. D. Bassetti.

Final degree 50/50 cum laudae

Professional Experience

1990 -1992 - University of Genoa: On-call divisional active schedule at the 1st Clinic and the Division of Infectious Disease OU at the S. Martino Hospital

1993-1994 On-call and Emergency Medical Service at the Albenga ASL 2 (SV)

1992-1993 - Higher Health Institute, completed the following project on AIDS through a research scholarship: "Patogenesi della risposta cellulo-mediata verso antigeni endogeni in corso di infezione HIV" (Pathogenesis of cell-mediated response against endogenous antigens during an HIV infection)

1993-1994 - G. Gaslini Scientific Institute - Genoa Scholarship published for the Liguria Region to study and cure HIV infections in polytransfused haemophilic patients

From 1/5/1994 to 31/7/1994 - "S. Paolo" Hospital in Savona: Medical Assistant, Area of Infectious Diseases - II Division of Medicine (ended work relationship due to transfer)

1 August 1994 to date - "S. Corona" Hospital, Pietra Ligure (SV): Medical Director, Infectious Diseases OU, Department of Medicine.

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