“Fondazione Livio Sciutto Ricerca Biomedica in Ortopedia Onlus” – here in after referred to as the Foundation - will award No. 4 "Total Hip Arthroplasty Fellowships" (the “Fellowship Program”) to medical specialists or under specialized training in orthopedics, that meet the requirements listed below, on the basis of a specific ranking.

In particular, by intervening in the financing granted for this purpose by Zimmer Biomet, the Foundation will have access to the CVs of the candidates in order to verify the satisfaction of the general rules that discipline the compliance aspects, their experience in hip surgery and total hip replacement sessions already performed. The duration of the Fellowship Program will be six months for each fellow.

The Scientific Program of the Fellowships will consist of three phases:a) clinical work,b) attendance at surgery activities, and c) scientific work; the area of training will be Total Hip Arthroplasty with focus on
surgery planning and less invasive approaches. The Foundation shall bear the costs of meals, accommodation and scientific print of 4 Fellows, contributing up to € 15,000.00 for each Fellow, for the duration of the Fellowship and of the Fellowship Program. The award of the “Total Hip Arthroplasty Fellowship" will be one of the requirements in order to have access to possible future fellowships concerning the  revision of hip prosthesis.


They can participate in the selection for the award of the Fellowship, the candidates which are:

  1. specialized in Orthopedics and Traumatology;
  2. trainees of that specialization, with the previous consent of the Director of the relevant School; provided that they are under the age of 40 years and in possession of a good level (written and spoken) in English and Italian language.

Admission and selection of candidates:

The application shall be addressed to the President of “Fondazione Livio Sciutto Ricerca Biomedica in Ortopedia Onlus” and shall be submitted to the secretariat of the Foundation by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or fax 019/625745 no later than September 30th 2016. The Board of Directors of the Foundation, in its sole discretion, after consulting the Scientific Committee of the Foundation, will choose the candidates which will be awarded the Fellowship by applying the criteria set out in this notice and on the basis of the following:

  • the grades/rating of the specialty exams and of the graduation;
  • the curriculum vitae;
  • the surgical experiences;
  • the number of publications and the relevant I.F.;
  • other titles that the candidates may deem worth to present;

The Board of Directors of the Foundation will compile a ranking of all candidates and will replace any dropout with the candidates immediately following in this ranking. The notice for the award of the Fellowship is published on the website of the Foundation and is authorized to be spread in all forms permitted.

Venue of Fellowships:

The Fellowships will be held at the Humanitas Hospital (MI) - Italy - www.humanitas.it which has a vast experience and considerable volumes of activity in the treatment of hip and knee implants. The Fellowship Program will start mandatorily on October 17th 2016 and will end on April 16th 2017.

Program and Focus of the Fellowship Program:

The program can be divided into 3 sessions as follows:

  1. planning surgery in primary hip prosthesis;
  2. implant selection (design and materials) in primary hip replacement;
  3. surgical approaches for total hip replacement.

 The objectives for the Fellowship are:

  1. improving the understanding of pre-operative tests (RX-MRI-CT Scan) in order to program the appropriate treatments;
  2. identify the best treatment options for the patient;
  3. global management of the total primary hip replacement.

Candidates will also be required to develop and share (with the help of the technicians that will be made available) their individual computing platform with regards to the activities performed during the Fellowship Program in order to use it as a presentation during the periodic audits and also - for the final verification - they will be required to develop at least one scientific paper to be proposed to impact factor journals.

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